– To prevent Cyberbullying by the engagement of multiple resources and expanding the effort beyond the school, for this reason educators, school counsellors, parents, students (victims, bullies, witnesses of cyberbullying), and community members will cooperate and interconnect, during the entire period of the project.

– To focus on building capacity to implement online, blended & distance learning, developing digital pedagogical competences of educators enabling them to deliver high quality inclusive digital education, by making use of innovative online resources & tools, within the proposed IOs.

– To study the impact of the cyberbullying and the intervention strategies with the aim to establish the profiles of the cyberbullying aggressor-victim, for a better identification of the signs of cyberbullying per age category and distribution channels, within IO1.

– To equip the schools and educators with clear guidance materials addressing the prevention, recognition and intervention of online harassment against its cruel social and psychological-medical impact for children in the digital era, within IO2.

– To offer free and easy online access to educators to train their knowledge and competences concerning the pedagogical approach of preventing cyberbullying among students, within IO3.

– To proactively engage children and parents in educational games and activities to learn about signs of cyberbullying and how to approach different situations in case, within IO4.