TECPC Online Course for Educators

This course offers free and easy online access to educators to train their knowledge and competences concerning the pedagogical approach of preventing cyberbullying among students.

The course focusses on the following modules:

Module 1. Understanding Cyberbullying

Module 2. Identifying cyberbullying    

Module 3. Intervention strategies to prevent/stop cyberbullying

Module 4. Cyberbullying in digital era

Module 5. Anti-cyberbullying educational resources

The Modules are structured on warm-up activities, learning sections, case studies and best practices, examples of practical activities at class and worksheets, reflections, extra links and support resources, tests.


Short-term joint staff training event

  • Period 5 – 9.09.2022
  • Location: Bucharest, Romania
  • Host: Colegiul Economic “Virgil Madgearu” Bucuresti, Romania

The TECPC Cyberbullying Transnational Course aimed to properly trained educators/ trainers about the measures they must undertake in order to minimize the numbers of cyberbullying cases in their school. The purpose of the Short-term joint staff Training was to create a network of educators/trainers fully prepared to involve educators at national level to access and follow the TECPC online course. The profile of the participants involved professional background expertise in training education and access to a large number of educators at national level to transfer the knowledge and competences gained from the project course and permanent monitor and support during the follow of the project online course.

The TECPC Short-term joint staff Training involved 19 participants from each of the partners’ institutions; creating a network of trainers of educators from 6 countries.

What did you like most about the training? – TESTIMONIALS from the participants

Sharing experiences from school life and points of view on possible ways to combat and prevent cyberbullying.

The fact that the course have a multilateral approach, is very important in the development of the teacher to be able to understand and know how to get involved in preventing cyberbullying at school, among the students.

The course includes examples of case studies , examples of actions and examples of activities and tools to be applied at class is essential in the course and make it qualitative.

Everybody who joined training was very friendly and there was positive interaction among the trainers and trainees. İnformation was so clear and accurate.

Amazing group, excellent interaction among the group members, very professional and extremely useful presentations.

The content of the training and exchange of valuable experiences, also psychological aspects of the problem, people’s behaviour and how teachers should act.


Training sessions of educators at national level

  • Number of training sessions: 6 sessions
  • Period: January-February 2023
  • Location: Romania, Greece, Turkey, Portugal, Lithuania, Italy
  • Type: face-to-face and online
  • Number of participants: 225 teachers involved in the e-course

The aim of the national training sessions were to organize in each of the project countries opportunities for educators to train their knowledge and competences concerning the pedagogical approach of preventing cyberbullying among students.