TECPC Handbook

The TECPC handbook addresses educators, counsellors, parents, students, from the primary to secondary education level; it empowers them with knowledge of how to prevent and respond to cyberbullying in the digital era, by providing specialised guidance and training. It proactively engages all actors (teachers, parents and students) in educational games and activities to learn about signs of cyberbullying and approaches to diverse cyberbullying situations.

The handbook is structured in five chapters, each chapter presenting topics of interest:

  • Understanding Cyberbullying/Getting familiar with cyberbullying
  • Reasons for cyberbullying
  • Where cyberbullying appears
  • Profiles of the victim & aggressor
  • Signs per age category (primary, secondary school)
  • The gravity of the psychological consequences
  • Integration of cyberbullying into the School curriculum
  • Strategies of interventions
  • Psychological tools
  • Cyberbullying in digital era
  • Digital Threats & ICT skills
  • Safety practices and standards (at home, at school and in public areas)

Each chapter includes both theoretical and practical contents exploring scenarios (famous cases, school situations/cases collection, etc.) and solutions to be used at class. A warm-up activity is designed to set the context of the topic (quote or discussion question) and/or test educators’ prior knowledge on that particular subject. The main content of the topic is presented through reading paragraphs, diagrams, and illustrations. Comprehension and Reflection questions are embedded in the text and at the end of each subchapter. Finally, each topic provides adult educators with links to additional materials, resources, and videos that could be used according to adult educators’ needs. At the end of the unit, educators may complete a self-evaluation form to reflect on their progress and comprehension of the material of the chapter.

Together Everyone can Prevent Cyberbullying Handbook for Teachers

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